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can i afford a wedding video?

Is wedding video expensive?

The very fact that you’re reading this means that you’ve asked yourself “Can I afford a wedding video?” at least once. If you’ve already asked that question then there is something niggling you about the idea of not having a wedding video.

You have probably spent a lot of time/money/effort on personal touches that you really want on film. There may be moments of your wedding day that you really want to watch back. You may have family and friends that you really want to capture on film.

I’m happy to tell you that the answer to “can I afford a wedding video?” is an unequivocal yes! You CAN afford a wedding video. We just need to work out its affordability. There are two ways of looking at affordability at weddings:

How much does wedding video cost?

Firstly, we need to get an idea of the cost and how much you’re willing to pay. Wedding videographers are like chocolate (bear with me), they come in many different shapes, flavours and prices. Like chocolate, you get what you pay for.

fuhave a fun wedding couple dancing in the dark

Affordable wedding video

If you buy Tesco value milk chocolate for 30 pence, it will taste chocolatey and may sate your chocoholic cravings. It won’t have the same appeal to you as a box of Lindor (the undeniable king of confectionary) though. In the same way there are many different wedding videographers to choose from. They each have different styles and a range of different prices. There are videographers who offer wedding videos for £300 and somewhere out there is a videographer charging up to £10,000. We sit somewhere at the more affordable wedding video end.

Like the chocolate though, the difference between a cheap wedding video and something a little more expensive is huge. At the cheaper end you will get someone that literally just documents the day, probably with some cheesy music and a shaky camera. Or you may find a more than competent videographer at this price point… but with very limited experience.

As you go further up the price brackets, you’ll notice a difference. The films become more cinematic and creative with a focus on telling a story. It’s not just coverage, it makes you feel something.

For most people, these are the mementos of the day that they truly want. Something beautiful that genuinely makes them feel something. It’s something that you want to show off to friends and family because it makes your wedding day (and you) look awesome.

7 top tips for getting the best wedding video for your money

How much you actually pay for your wedding video can vary greatly. But you can get your money’s worth by considering this advice.

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1. work matters

It goes without saying, but don’t just hire a videographer because a friend recommended them. Watch a whole bunch of their films. If you find you can’t watch more than one without getting bored then maybe they’re not for you. But if you find yourself watching three or more and enjoying them then they’re definitely a contender.

2. personality matters

Don’t accidentally pick someone you’d hate to spend the day with. Check out their social media and website. Do you like their tone? Are they too professional? are they overly confident? are they possibly not professional enough? Like your photographer, your videographer is going to be spending a fair amount of time with you on the big day. If you can’t get along with them, they’re not the right choice no matter how much you like their work.

3. discounts

Most videographers don’t offer discounts as our margins are incredibly tight*. However, some do. It doesn’t hurt to ask. However, don’t be offended if they say no. Don’t expect them to say yes just because your wedding is on a Tuesday and aunt Maud is in the marines.

4. Go bespoke

We don’t offer discounts. But if someone tells us their budget, we can often adapt a film collection to meet their needs and budget. Sometimes if you can’t quite fit in with a videographer’s packages, telling them your budget can help them meet your needs with the budget that you do have.

fun wedding day jenga game

5. Bidding wars

Don’t try to play videographers off against each other. It’s not like that time you successfully pitted Currys against John Lewis and got an amazing price on a waffle maker.  Videographers talk to each other. Even though we are technically rivals, we frequently work, chat and drink together. We’re looking for clients that we think we’ll get along with (it’s a long day to spend with people you don’t like). If you start trying to play us off against each other then it feels like you don’t respect our work… only our prices. You may find your no.1 choice doesn’t want to work with you anymore.

6. Don’t be demanding

Don’t approach videographers and start making demands or treat the booking like a hostile takeover. You may find prices are suddenly a lot higher than anticipated. You might even find that all the videographers you’ve contacted are strangely busy on your wedding day… in the middle of January… on a Tuesday. If people think you’re going to be a bride/groomzilla, they will charge more. They expect you will be hard to please and anticipate re-edits and more admin time. If you look like you’re going to be too much trouble, people just won’t work with you.

fun wedding day jenga game

7. be nice

There is power in being pleasant. Come across as the sort of person that we’d like to spend the day with. You’re far more likely to get discounts and extras. Whilst we don’t tend to offer discounts, I’ve lost count of the times we’ve added extra value to what we were offering a couple. Simply because we really liked them.

*think about how much you’re paying your photographer, now halve the pay and double the equipment and workload. I know… why would any one want to be a videographer right? :-p

How to budget for a wedding video

The other way of looking at affordability at weddings is balancing the budget. Cost cutting. There are hundreds of blogs on how to save money at weddings. But I just want to focus on two things: What’s important to you?  and what will your guests actually remember/enjoy?

There are hundreds of things that you could spend your money on. Pinterest is full of “unique” wedding ideas. Wedding magazines are constantly trying to sell you things that you “need”.  Friends and family will no doubt have tons of “perfect” ideas for your wedding day.  But, a lot of the time these things are not particularly important or memorable to you.

Finding your wedding video budget

Quick exercise. Think back to that wedding you went to last year: do you remember the wedding favours? What about the order of service, did you take it home and frame it? Do you remember what was written on that sign on the easel outside the ceremony room? Do you remember whether there were light up letters on the dance floor? What were the canapes?

Often these sorts of things are added to a wedding budget simply because people think it’s expected of them. Or they’ve seen the idea elsewhere and just thrown money at it. A lot of the time these elements are completely forgotten about once the moment has passed.

On the other hand, sometimes a great deal of thought and effort can go into the favours or the order of service. The bride has a really cool photo idea for the letters or the canape maker is a Michelin star chef. To those couples, these are important elements. But it’s important to remember when setting and dealing with your budget that not everything is important and you can’t please everyone… So just please you. It’s your day.

fuhave a fun wedding couple dancing in the dark
fuhave a fun wedding couple dancing in the dark

What is your wedding worth?

If you’re still unsure, when you’ve finished reading this, go back to your wedding budget or lists and look at them.

  • Make a list of all of the non-negotiables. Things that you’ve already paid for or signed a contract for Or that you can’t actually do the day without (i.e celebrant, rings)

  • Everything that’s left can have its budget adjusted. Of those things, make a list of the items and services that you refuse to adjust the budget on (i.e they’re more important to you that documenting the day on film)

  • The final items you have left are the things that are as important or less to you than a wedding video.

  • See if you can drop the budget of these items by five percent. What about ten percent? What about getting rid of the item or service completely? Would you notice? Could you or a friend do it/make it cheaper?

  • The money you save here is your wedding video budget… spend it wisely.

You’ll probably realise that there are a lot of places where you can remove things or move a bit of the budget around.

is a wedding videographer worth it?

If it’s important to you then; yes, it is. There are hundreds of videographers out there. Find a few videographers whose work that you really like regardless of price. Then find a couple you with a price that that you like and a standard of work that you are okay with. See if you can drop your budget on the parts of the wedding day that are less important to you. Eventually you’ll find that you’ve made enough space in the budget for the lowest priced videographer. Then it’s up to you whether you carry on adjusting the budget.

If capturing your day on film is important to you, there will be a videographer out there that you can afford (cough cough, look over here) and you do have the budget to have a wedding video if you work at it.

For Rebecca and I, when we realised how important wedding video was for us, we reduced our budget on a few things. We got rid of the canapes, made our own wedding favours and printed an order of service on my own printer with a document we typed up on Word. When we look back on our wedding day, we don’t miss those things at all.  

We don’t miss any of it actually… we have it all on film 😊

Planning a wedding?

 It’s all a little overwhelming isn’t it?

We’ve been there. If you want a little help or some ideas from people that go to weddings… a lot, then we can help. We’ve sat down and written loads more wedding planning advice for you here

If you’re planning an amazing wedding, you’re probably going to want an amazing wedding film as well. Something that showcases all of the hard work that you’re putting in.

It just so happens that we specialize in amazing wedding films! Invite us along and we’ll make you a unique film that honestly captures something of you and the day that you had.

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