Helen & Jez

Helen and Jez met at Law school. When I used to think of Solicitors I previously thought of a dingy office somewhere full of very serious people taking themselves very seriously. Helen & Jez have forced me to amend my world view. Case in point, the first dance was...

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Celine & Martin

Martin and I have been friends for a long time, so how could I possibly turn down the opportunity to capture one of the most important days of his and Celine's life? A bit of a challenge when you're a groomsman as well, but that did mean that I was privy to a lot of...

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Carla & Loui

To sum up my feelings on Carla & Loui's wedding all I need to say is that we could probably have left at eight but didn't leave until nearly ten. I'm not saying that we were held against our will or anything untoward like that, but it was the sort of day where you...

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Chinese new year

Bit of a late entry this one. Back in February I filmed the festivities during the Chinese new year celebrations in Manchester. This was the hardest shoot I've ever done. The guys I was filming for were lovely and the programme for the day ran pretty much to schedule...

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Steph & John

Steph and John's wedding day was a real testament to how awesome they are as a couple. Despite Rain, wind and roadworks, nothing could dampen their spirits. Refusing to conform to convention Steph and John lit a fire inside a big tent, drank cocktails on a bus and...

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Jess and Robin

Set in the epic grounds of Peckfordton castle, nestled deep in the Cheshire countryside, Jess and Robin's wedding was a day of genuine Joy. Here was a couple that were genuinely thrilled about getting married and starting their married life together. Jess was possibly...

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New world trading co music nights

[vpb_row][vpb_column width="1/1"][vpb_column_text]This is a film that I made for The New world Trading company to promote their live music events. The idea was to have two of their musicians singing the same song live at three different sites and then cut between the...

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The Clifford Hill Cup

As it's a brand new year I figured I'd get all up to date and post another of the films that I did last year. This was once again for my friends at Living Ventures. Every year a quiz is held in honour of a colleague who sadly passed away. Each restaurant puts forward...

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Hannah & Sam

As a special Christmas treat, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to an awesome couple. Hannah & Sam. Now I've known Sam for years. He's unique in the best possible way, so their film is unique... In the best possible way.

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