Crewe Hall Hindu wedding video – Cheshire Wedding – Donna and Shakey.

Jan 28, 2019 | Cheshire wedding video, Crewe hall wedding, wedding video

Donna and Shakey had a colourful and classy Crewe Hall Hindu wedding in September.

I’ve shot at Crewe Hall a few times over the years but this Crewe Hall wedding video has something a little different. Donna and Shakey’s wedding allowed us to get some awesome contrasting shots. You’ve got the moody beauty of the Dark Silhouettes that a Crewe Hall wedding allows for. Then there are the beautiful bright colours that a Hindu wedding video shows off. Put together you get something rather spectacular!

The day started with bright clear skies in Cheshire specifically over Crewe Hall. This showed off the venue’s beautiful architecture against the backdrop of blue. Donna and Shakey had been up pretty early to prepare for their big day and had two ceremonies to complete: a traditional civil wedding ceremony and a Nepalese Hindu wedding ceremony.

As time was tight and the weather was so good we did something quite unusual. Their photographer (the brilliant Neil Redfern) and I took them for a portrait shoot before the ceremony. Now, Hindu weddings can be confusing affairs with so much going on all day. If you want to really confuse yourself try mixing up the usual routine on top of that! I can’t count the amount of times I had to check the schedule and work out which part of Crewe Hall I was supposed to be in.

After we had the beautiful Hindu wedding I went to get some shots of the beautifully decked out evening reception room. Crewe Hall is so big that I almost missed our second portrait shoot whilst I was making my way back. I made it just in time though and caught some lovely images, just before Donna and Shakey went to change into their evening wear. Yes. sometimes a wedding requires three outfits 🙂

The evening festivities had a real family vibe and a Crewe Hall wedding means that you can fit a lot of family in. This was key to Donna and Shakey’s plans. When Neil and I met up with them for coffee a few weeks before, they told us how they wanted their wedding day to be a celebration of everyone. Not just themselves. This really shone through in the evening with speeches, performances by some of the guests, and a dance floor that never seemed to empty.

Donna and Shakey’s wedding was a fun filled family celebration centring around two of the nicest people. It was a fun, loud, crazy, busy, vibrant, colourful Crewe Hall wedding day… and I loved every minute of it.

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