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Mar 29, 2019 | Autumn wedding, Dewsall court wedding, Herefordshire wedding, wedding video

Jane and Andrew held a beautiful Dewsall Court wedding in the late Autumn.

I love shooting Dewsall Court weddings. The staff are always lovely. The house has tonnes of 17th century character. The grounds have a really lovely rustic charm to them and it’s set within the Herefordshire countryside with rolling hills all around (plus its only a few miles from Hereford itself). So even when the weather is a bit rubbish there’s a lot to love about Dewsall Court. But when the weather is good… it’s such an awesome place to shoot.

In fact Dewsall Court was the venue that made Rebecca first want to pick up a camera and start shooting with me. We stayed in nearby Hereford for Hattie and James’s wedding. Rebecca dropped me off, and really wanted to come in and look around. She didn’t at the time as it might have been a bit weird, but it made her want to join me on my adventures.

Just over a year later, Jane and Andrew got in touch to invite us to shoot their Dewsall Court wedding. Rebecca jumped at the chance to shoot at Dewsall Court with me, so once again we travelled down to Hereford.

A civil evening.

Jane and Andrew invited us to film their legal ceremony in Dewsall Court’s beautiful conservatory the evening before the big day. What was supposed to be a small ceremony for a few close family members expanded to a few more family members… and friends. But this meant that Jane and Andrew got to have a bit of a gathering the night before. This was great because we got to meet and chat with the wedding party and friends a day early. Everyone was friendly and relaxed and having a good time, which is the ideal way to spend the evening before your wedding day.

The wedding day at Dewsall Court

So the day arrived. We briefly drove through the Herefordshire countryside and arrived at Dewsall Court with barely a cloud in the sky. I knew with weather like this a venue like this, we were in for a pretty awesome Dewsall Court wedding.

Rebecca headed off to see what the guys were up to. As most guys are on the day of their wedding, they were sat about in their room drinking beer. Andrew is a pretty laid back guy and the evening before had clearly taken the edge off any nerves but you could still sense the air of quiet anticipation. Jane was very similar. Cool, calm, collected, holding a gin and tonic and wearing an easy smile.

This was very much the theme of the day. Cool, calm, collected and plenty of smiles. In fact it was hard to find someone who wasn’t smiling at any point in the day. Everywhere people were enjoying each others company in the warm October sunshine.

Autumn sunshine

The sunshine played an important role later for us during the portraits. Lydia ( Jane and Andrew’s awesome photographer) and I caught some really lovely shots of the couple as the sun began to dip behind them in the late afternoon, showcasing Dewsall Court’s lovely view over the Herefordshire countryside. I love shooting portrait sessions as it’s the part of the day when you get to see the couple just being themselves and enjoying each others company. You could tell from the way that Jane and Andrew interacted with each other that there was a real love and deep seated respect for one another, as well as a sense of playfulness that would carry them through for years to come.

As the evening drew in the guests enjoyed dinner and speeches in Dewsall Court’s Wainhouse Barn, which had been beautifully decorated by the Great British Florist with an Autumnal rustic flair. After this Jane, Andrew and all their friends danced the night and their cares away. It almost seemed a shame to leave, but I was excited to begin putting their film together.

I predicted a pretty awesome Dewsall Court wedding day… I was not disappointed.

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