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Do i need a wedding video?

Should I get a wedding videographer?

“Do I need a wedding video” is not as simple a question as it seems. On one hand, the most common regret newly married couples have is not hiring a videographer.* But on the other hand, a good wedding video can stretch a wedding budget to breaking point. Especially when you’ve come to look for a wedding videographer late in the process.

I distinctly remember sitting down with Rebecca when we were planning our own wedding. We were struggling to budget in a wedding video and we make them for a living! But after taking some of the following thoughts into account, we realised that our answer to the question of “Do I need a wedding video?” Was a resounding yes. It may be different for you, but here are some points to consider before you answer…

Is a Wedding video important?

keep it simple

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding whether you need a wedding video. You’re probably hoping I’ll make it easy for you. But I can’t really do that. Experience tells me that every wedding day is unique and so are it’s considerations. There are no simple equations that tell you if you need a wedding video

Instead, we’re going to simplify the process and bring it down to a single question. Is a wedding video important to you?

My view on weddings has always been simple: If you have a ceremony and marry your best friend, that’s the wedding. Everything you do beyond that is optional. You then choose those options based on how important they are to you; Some people go without a car. Some people simplify the meal. Some people don’t have a cake. As with all of these elements, a wedding video is optional. No one need’s a wedding video in order to get married.

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How to make the wedding video decision

A lot of the time people don’t realise that a wedding video is important to them until it’s too late. Consider all of the moments that will happen on your wedding day in advance. Will you want to experience them again in film form?

For our wedding day we had made a lot of our own decorations and details. We’d planned a lot of little events and entertainments throughout the day (It was Christmas, we got a little overexcited… Santa made an appearance). Those details and moments were most important to us. We’d hired the awesome Neil Redfern to be our photographer, but it was really important to us that we had a record of those moments in real time. In a way that even Neil couldn’t capture. That made video important for us.

What’s the point of a wedding video?

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why do i need a wedding video if i have a photographer?

In my (possibly slightly biased) opinion, a wedding video is honestly the best way of taking yourself back to that day. We love our photograph’s, our guestbook and the mementos we kept. But our wedding video is something different entirely. It captured granny’s laugh, the way my niece walked down the aisle, how my mum danced before her stroke and how my father-in-law spoke. In these days where family contact has become something of a precious commodity, having records of those people in motion has become worth even more to us.

A wedding video gives you context

The moving image gives a context that photos just can’t. I LOVE photography but it’s the art of taking a literal snapshot and freezing a single millisecond in time, whereas the importance of wedding video is in its capture of a whole moment including its context. For example All of the images on our site are single frames taken from a video clip. There’s so much more to the moment than you see in a photo!

A wedding video is brilliant at combining sound and moving images to really capture the FEEL of your day. Until we have a fully three-dimensional holographic recording and projection… or time travel, a wedding video is the closest thing we can get to actually going back there.

For Rebecca and  I, we knew we wanted to start a family. As I’ve gotten older and more sentimental, I’ve begun to realise that my parents are actual people and had lives of their own before I even existed. I love looking at their old wedding photos, but I really wish that I could hear them talk and see them move. We really wanted a wedding film that we could show to our future son and in turn give him a flavour of who we were before he was born.

Wedding videos that don’t suck anymore. 

The history of bad wedding videos

Quick history lesson. In the UK, we’re still fighting the idea that wedding videos are cheesy, shaky affairs. Usually filmed by a sweaty bald fellow with a camera that gives you a hernia just by looking at it. If you’ve seen your parents wedding video, it’s most likely a grainy, wobbly film with terrible sound (and fashion sense). For a long time, even professional wedding videos were like that.

BUT… things started to change in the late 2000’s. We went digital baby! This allowed photographic camera manufacturers the ability to add a record button to for the very first time. Early adopters realised that they could get a true cinematic look out of the new technology. A look that lent itself perfectly to wedding videos! Suddenly wedding videographers around the world started trading in their hernia monsters for smaller, lighter photography cameras.

Modern wedding video

Depending on the skill of the craftsman, modern wedding films can look, sound and even feel incredible! With digital editing techniques we can marry imagery, audio and music together beautifully. We can tell the story of your wedding day in a way that just wasn’t possible fifteen years ago. Different videographers will have different styles. Some opting for visuals over story, some opting for impact and quick cuts. Our own style is all about crafting a narrative and weaving it through the visuals. That might not be your bag, but there is a style to suit every couple.

Wedding video has changed.

Is a wedding videographer important?

What are your wedding day priorities?

This brings us back to the question of “Do I need a wedding video?”. As I’ve said before; beyond having the ceremony, nothing else that you do on your wedding day is needed.

You may feel that your wedding day will lack something if it misses out a couple of elements. Those are your priorities. You pick your own priorities. You may feel under pressure from friends and families to pick their priorities. But at the end of the day, it is only you and your spouse that should be deciding what is a priority for your wedding day.

fuhave a fun wedding couple dancing in the dark
fuhave a fun wedding couple dancing in the dark

Do I need a wedding video? …the answer

So, to the question of “do I need a wedding wedding video?” After reading this and looking at examples of modern wedding videos, how do you feel about having one?

Much as it pains me to say it, if you’re still not moved… it isn’t a priority for you. You probably aren’t going to get as much out of a wedding video as some additional canapes or the bigger bouquet you might be able to afford without one.

HOWEVER… Maybe you’ve read this and realised that there are going to be people or moments that you want capturing on film forever. Perhaps you’re now wanting to document the speeches and the ceremony and all the hard work you’ve put in. Perhaps you’ve realised that you just want something beautiful to shows your kids who mummy and daddy were when they got married… For you, wedding video is now a priority.

Now, how can I afford one?

Only you can really work out how important wedding video is. A lot of the time it comes down to cost and affordability. If you want some help with that, I’ve written another piece that may help you get your head around how you can afford a wedding videographer. So, grab a hot cup of tea and a chocolate hobnob and I’ll see you there for part two.

*there are quite few articles on the subject

Planning a wedding?

 It’s all a little overwhelming isn’t it?

We’ve been there. If you want a little help or some ideas from people that go to weddings… a lot, then we can help. We’ve sat down and written loads more wedding planning advice for you here

If you’re planning an amazing wedding, you’re probably going to want an amazing wedding film as well. Something that showcases all of the hard work that you’re putting in.

It just so happens that we specialize in amazing wedding films! Invite us along and we’ll make you a unique film that honestly captures something of you and the day that you had.

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