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Jul 17, 2020 | Shropshire wedding, Village hall wedding

Grace and Michael had a really fun village hall style wedding at Wrekin college in Shropshire.

Village hall weddings are brilliant, they give couples so much freedom to do what they want. I have to come clean though, Grace and Michael’s wedding wasn’t actually in a village hall so to speak. It was in a school hall, but it’s pretty much the same idea. If you want a fun village hall wedding then Grace and Michael’s really set the bar.

DIY wedding

Village hall weddings are the ultimate DIY weddings. You’re given the keys to the hall (or maybe a person with the keys, who also knows where the fuse box and fire extinguisher are) and off you go. If you want to stamp your personality on your wedding day then a Village hall wedding is absolutely the way to go. It’s DIY weddings at their best. You pick the decorations, the caterer, the activities, the timeline. On top of all that it’s a great way of saving money without making your wedding feel cheap. If you’re willing to put in the hours then it will really show.

Creative wedding day

Grace and Michael really must have put in the hours and pulled in a lot of favours because the day was so much fun. Like I said, this is the best kind of wedding for stamping your personality on and Grace and Michael had tonnes to personality to stamp. Grace in particular. The opening 30 seconds of the film feels like it perfectly captures her personality in one go. I knew as soon as she read that letter out loud that it was going to open the film. She was so much fun to be around, manic and bubbly but completely in control of everything going on around her.

When we popped over to the guys it was clear that Michael is the calm in the relationship. He was laid back and cool with a clear picture of the day ahead of him. What was lovely to see though, was that whilst they may have contrasting personalities, they both wear their hearts on their sleeves. Though Michael did a better job of holding it together reading the letter Grace had written to him, you could tell that it’s words had the desired effect. It was a day of unashamed emotion. Both tears and laughter… a lot of laughter.

Awesome wedding entertainment

Much of the source of this laughter came down to the fact that Grace and Michael had put a lot of thought into entertaining their guests. They wanted to give them the most fun village hall wedding experience possible. There were so many outdoor games on the playing field. From hoopla to badminton, giant Jenga to French boule. There was even a coconut shy. It felt like a wonderfully British village hall fete. I got a little over excited and spent so long filming the guests enjoying themselves that I almost forgot to film inside Wrekin college’s grand old memorial hall.

Food came in the form of a giant barbecue buffet which was a lot of fun. The guests grabbed a plate of assorted meats and salads, took a drink from the honesty bar and tucked in. All of this was framed by the splendour of the memorial hall beautifully and carefully decorated by Grace and Michael’s friends and family. Lots of elements like this added up to create a real community feel to the day.

sunset wedding party

As the sun began to set the party came alive. Grace and Michael wanted to keep the feeling of family fun going through to the evening and opted for a ceilidh band. This suited the vibe of the day and their fun village hall wedding style perfectly. People young and old became a blur of smiles and motion as they were silhouetted by the sunbeams from a spectacular sunset through the gothic windows.

It was one of those weddings where I would loved to have just put down the camera and join in the fun. But on the other hand, I got a huge amount of fun footage to play about with. I genuinely had a blast putting this film together and I think it shows.

photographer on the day was lisa Carpenter

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