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Feb 7, 2022 | Liverpool wedding video, the reader mansion wedding

A beautiful gender reveal wedding video at The reader mansion, liverpool

Rachel and Andrew’s wedding was something special… and not just because of the beautiful gender reveal moment. It was the first wedding I’d done in a while since restrictions were lifted. Because of this, we had a lot more time to prepare for this wedding than usual. So Adam Johnson (one of the UKs absolute best photographers) and I actually went and met up with Rachel and Andrew at the reader mansion in Calderstones park. Looking around their wedding venue and chatting with them about their day was great fun. We got to know them really well and get a feeling for just how lovely their wedding day was going to be. The whole day was going to be made even more special by the fact that Rachel was pregnant and the wedding cake would be used as a gender reveal for the happy couple and their guests.

what could possibly go wrong at a gender reveal wedding?

The day came and Adam and I made our way over to Liverpool to meet the bride. Rachel was staying at the beautifully elegant and modern Hope street hotel on… you guessed it, Hope street in Liverpool. Her Suite was stunning and make-up artist Nicola had placed Rachel in the perfect spot to make the most of the natural light. When I wasn’t making notes on the interior designs, we got some lovely shots. As we were chatting to Nicola we became more and more aware of just how many near disasters they’d navigated. There had been a lot of obstacles that would potentially push people over the edge on their wedding day. Covid scares, a cake mishap and a Father of the bride stuck in isolation. This, on top of the fact that the wedding had already been postponed and re-located from a destination wedding the previous year. It was a true testament to Rachel and Andrew’s characters that nothing phased them… nothing. Even when the Thunder sounded and the heavens opened in the middle of their wedding ceremony, they just carried on with an attitude of “it is what it is, It’s still our special day”.

The reader mansion, a brilliant wedding venue

The reader mansion really came into it’s own on Rachel and Andrew’s wedding day. What looks like a pretty standard nineteenth century manor house from the front. However as you carry on through it opens out into this incredible room that truly lets the outside… inside. The couple may not have gotten the destination wedding they had originally planned. However there was something about the way that the reader mansion opens out onto the beautiful gardens of Calderstone park that makes it feel like a foreign wedding.

beautiful gardens, beautiful people

If you’re planning a Liverpool wedding then it’s certainly worth thinking about where you’re going to have your portrait session. Having a wedding at the reader mansion at Calderstones park means that you get access to all of the stunning gardens and parkland. As well as personal significance for Andy, this was one of the big reasons for planning a wedding here. The gardens are stunning. The delicate details of Rachel’s Stella York dress combined with the elegant shades of her bouquet from Booker flowers made for some really striking images in the park.

Spending time in Calderstones park getting shots meant that we got to hang out with the happy couple for quite some time. This is one of my favourite parts of the day when shooting a wedding video. It means that we get to see the couple in their element, just the two of them. We get to see what makes their relationship tick. Andy is a no nonsense sort of guy at first glance… but he’s got a mischievous streak that comes out especially around Rachel who is doing her best to look like she’s the sensible one. Though you can see that she’s subtly encouraging Andy’s jokes and mischief. They were really good fun to spend so much time with.

Gender reveal cake

As we headed into the evening there was a very relaxed vibe. people sat around drinking and chatting whilst Magician David Burgess wowed people with his incredible sleight of hand. Andy’s reaction to his tricks was priceless.

But the relaxed vibe turned to one of great anticipation as the time drew nearer for the gender reveal. The reveal had been baked into the cake by the Terrace bakery. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. Now, I’m not going to spoil the moment for you, but again Andrew’s reaction is wonderful. You can see the exact moment that it hits him, the moment that all of the emotions try to come out a once. It’s a beautiful moment and one that I’m truly glad to have captured on film.

After the reveal Rachel, Andrew and their guests partied the night away led in their revelry by Marc Kenny and his band. By the time I’d captured all that I needed to capture, I didn’t really want to leave. There was a wonderful feeling of celebration in the air that I hadn’t felt for quite some time.

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