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How To have a fun wedding

10 fun ideas for making your wedding just that little bit more exciting.

This isn’t one of those “50 impossibly fun wedding ideas and you totally won’t believe number 17” articles. If you Google “fun wedding ideas” there are lots of cut and pasted wedding blog posts vying for your attention. You’ve probably already got a Pinterest board for that. Heck, even I’ve got a Pinterest board for that!

I want to help you make your day that little bit more fun, but in a way that suits you and your partner. You don’t want to end up with a mish mash of recycled ideas because you said yes to all the things. Your identity will be lost somewhere in the Pinteresting and you’ll find yourself watching your wedding video back exclaiming “who’s wedding even is this this?” …well maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you get the idea.

Allow us to help you find your own fun with these TOP TEN TIPS TO HAVE A FUN WEDDING!!! (I have to write it like that for Google purposes)

1. Weddings aren’t fun. (but parties are)

Rebecca and I were chatting the other day about what makes a fun wedding. She pointed out an underlying characteristic of all couples that have a fun wedding day; they aren’t simply seeing the day as just a wedding, they’re seeing it as a celebration!

Don’t get me wrong, we love the traditions of a wedding day. But when you base your whole day around those traditions it can all feel a little dry.

Instead, get into the mindset that in addition to being a celebration of your union, this is the biggest party you’re ever going to throw. If you were going to throw a big party for your family and friends what would you do? What sort of things would happen? Try to incorporate some of these ideas into your big day.

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2. let your guests have a fun wedding

Wedding days can be long. There are moments of excitement throughout but sometimes they can feel few and far between if you’re not the ones getting married. It feels even longer if the only person you know at the wedding is Mona from payroll. All Mona wants to talk about is turn of the century traffic calming measures in Clacton-upon-sea.

Try to find activities that your guests can do together to pass the time and enjoy themselves. Particularly throughout the afternoon and evening reception. These will also serve as excellent ice-breakers for getting your guests to mingle.

Lawn games can be a lot of fun in good weather. Things like giant Jenga or even croquet (though let’s be honest no one really knows the rules) always go down a storm. Or if you’re likely to get stuck indoors think outside the box. I’ve seen table football, air hockey and even an arcade machine or two turn up at weddings and they were always occupied by a group of smiling faces.

Things like Photobooths and Selfie walls are popular fun wedding ideas at the moment but they are only entertaining for a few minutes. Try to find activities that multiple people can join that last more than a minute.

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3. Get Competitive

People like winning prizes. Bringing out people’s competitive edge on a wedding day is a great way to raise the excitement levels. There are a multitude of activities that you can make competitive on a wedding day.

I’ve seen a few weddings where guests have been encouraged to make something at home. Then they bring it for the bride and groom to judge. This works especially well for cakes (think bake off) or costumes.

Then there are challenges that you can encourage people to get stuck in to on the day. Getting granny involved in a spot of competitive welly wanging is a sure-fire way to amuse her on the day. Maybe get a leaderboard going for the dreaded ball in a cup or if you want to get the whole family feuding maybe even get a tug-o-war going.

Make sure that there’s a prize giving ceremony scheduled in and everything. That way it feels official and the winner will wear/display their prize for the rest of the day creating valuable photo opportunities for your photographer (or that bridesmaid with the unhealthy Instagram relationship).

4. Get Personal

It’s always way more fun to be at a wedding where you can feel the couples stamp on everything. So, before you ask the florist or co-ordinator to design your day for you, think about what personal details you want to bring to the day yourself.

Nearly every couple chooses their colours, but why leave it there? Write your favourite quotes on the floor, hang your favourite movie posters on the wall. Make a table plan out of the bicycle you used to cross Asia!

Think about the things that mean a lot to you. Find a way to incorporate some of them into your décor or your stationery… or even your dress.

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5. Mess with the schedule

Obviously, on the day you want to try to stick to the agreed schedule as much as possible. But who’s to say that the agreed schedule can’t be a little different to what’s expected. Design a schedule that lets you have a fun wedding day by giving you more space for the things you really want to enjoy. Perhaps deliver your speeches after the ceremony or maybe even have a sunset ceremony. A couple of times I’ve been at weddings where the dancing has started before the meal. Heck, Maybe Invite your guests for a fry up breakfast before the wedding.

As a wedding videographer I say all this with some trepidation though. Please don’t go crazy with the schedule. Give yourself time to get from place to place and Make sure you give yourself some space in the day to enjoy yourself. Don’t get so carried away changing the schedule that you don’t have any time for fun as that would defeat the point.

6. Revive some old customs
(Or borrow some new ones)

I know I said that the rigid following of tradition can get in the way if you want to have a fun wedding day. But there’s a lot of fun to be had in certain traditions. For example, a couple of traditions that seem to have disappeared over the last few years are the bouquet toss and the Garter toss. These two traditions whilst old, do gather everyone together and bring a lot of laughter and merriment to proceedings.

If you can’t find any fun traditions from your own culture look abroad, especially if you have a connection to that culture. We film weddings all over the world and love finding new wedding customs. Scots love a dram. North Americans love a ‘first look’. Germans love to saw wood. The Chinese love challenging the groomsmen. Israelis can’t resist a chair dance and Indians love stealing shoes

A note of caution though. Always do your research to make sure there’s no hidden cultural relevance that would make your borrowing of this tradition offensive. Also, maybe steer clear of the Polish toasting traditions. From what I’ve seen, the Polish handle their vodka a lot better than the British.

 7. schedule Performance pieces

If you’ve got time in your busy schedule of wedding fun, why not add in an element of performance? This is a great way to gather people around if you need them for say the cutting of the cake or the first dance or the dreaded group photo. Draw them in with some entertainment.

Now you’re probably thinking this could be a costly endeavour. It really depends on your budget or how much social capital you’re willing to trade in exchange for favours. If you really want to spend the big bucks you could hire Beyoncé or the entire west end cast of the Lion King. But if you’re still working on your multimillionaire credentials there are smaller budget options as well. There are tons of great dance troupes, magicians, comedians, fire eaters and trapeze artists out there. Most of them will do weddings and at reasonable prices too.

If you’re willing to owe or call in a couple of favours, you most likely have some talented individuals in your lineup of guests as well. Over the years the most fun moments we’ve filmed have come from guests’ performances.

A couple of times I’ve been to weddings where a guest has written a brilliant poem or song about the bride and groom. We even went to a wedding a few years back where one of the groomsmen had gone so far as to write a short play about the Bride and Groom. Complete with Shakespearean prose and silly accents. There wasn’t a straight face in the house and people were talking about it all night.

Don’t be afraid to ask, but also don’t put too much pressure on anyone who says yes. You still want them to enjoy the day.

side note: If you are asking for a favour from a friend or family member that would usually be paid for their services, don’t expect it for free. Offer to pay if you are able. They may turn around and do it for free or give you a significant discount of their own accord. If you are asking them to perform for free, let them know they can turn you down.

If you wouldn’t do your job of teaching 30 hyperactive eight-year-olds for free, it’s unfair to ask great Aunt Hilda’s internationally renowned street dance crew to perform with no financial incentive either.

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 8. think Food for a fun wedding

What’s your favourite food? Go on… think about it. Now imagine you’re going to have a massive party. Maybe it’s a party to celebrate the joining of you and the love of your life (you might have worked out where I’m going here). What would you serve?

If you answered “slightly dry chicken breast with a tiny portion of limp carrots”; then we need to have a frank discussion about your food goals. However, you’ll be pleased to know that (from our observations) this is what is served at the vast majority of weddings . If you answered literally anything else to my question, then why not consider having it at your wedding?

A lot of the time couples go with whatever the venue or caterer suggest without thinking about what they actually like. Just because it’s easier for the caterer to make you a roast dinner doesn’t mean that’s all that you can have. A lot of the time if you tell the caterer that you really want something then they can find a way of incorporating it into your meal.

Or if your venue allows it, look for a separate caterer that caters for your particular tastes. Some of the best weddings I’ve been to have had some really imaginative vendors on the day. Big barbecue cook offs, taco trucks, pizza vans, pie companies, fish and chip vans, ice cream bicycles, even a paella tent. If you can think of it, it probably exists and will come to your wedding.

 9. Fight for your right to party

A lot of people don’t really think about the evening music beyond hiring a wedding DJ.

If you’ve read my guide to wedding mistakes, you’ll know that I have a bit of an issue with the traditional wedding DJ. A lot of the time it’s just a bloke with a PA system and cued up playlist who’ll spend most of his time on his phone or in the queue for the buffet. There are some good wedding DJs out there, but you must do everything in your power to make sure you find them.

Or go beyond the wedding DJ

Maybe scour around for a club DJ that you know can keep a party going and mix together some of your favourite songs.

Maybe hire a band. The same goes for bands as with wedding DJs. Live music always gets the party going quicker but there are also a lot of very samey wedding bands that have a habit of stopping for a minute or two between each song (which totally kills the vibe). So do your research. Look for videos, check out their social media, read the reviews… even go to their gigs if they have any.

We’re not just talking traditional five piece rock bands here either. Consider things like ceilidh bands, folk bands, swing bands… Heck we’ve even seen a traditional brass band rock the marquee before. Whatever you’re into, there’s probably a band for it.

Perhaps, if you have access to a speaker system, nix the DJ and the band completely. A few weddings we’ve been to recently have had playlists curated by the guests in the evening. The Bride and Groom ask for party song choices in advance and create a playlist using those choices. If you’re using Spotify, you can actually get it to order your playlist by tempo as well. You can control the ebb and flow of the night. The big bonus of this is that when a guest’s choice comes on, they’ll race to the dance floor (if they’re not already there) grabbing people to join along the way. This can be a great way of saving a bit of money too.

However this does require that guests are ready and raring to have a fun wedding party. If your guests are the sort that need a little encouragement to get their groove on, then a DJ or band may get them grooving faster, harder, longer.

 10. Be yourself

You are the best you that you can be… Admittedly some days you might not feel like “the best you that you can be” until you’ve had three cups of coffee and half a pack of custard cremes, but you know what I mean. You’re unique and that’s awesome.

I may sound like I’ve come over all ‘motivational speaker’ for a moment but I’m making a point. Enjoy and embrace your uniqueness. Your wedding day is a celebration of all that you and your partner have become and the people that have gotten you there. Your wedding day won’t look like everyone else’s, so don’t compare and contrast or copy and paste.

Pinterest and wedding blogs are fantastic. But it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole of ticklists and pictures of ideas that totally worked at some complete stranger’s wedding. Try to keep your focus on things that really speak to you, things that make you genuinely excited. Otherwise you run the risk of having a “Pinterest wedding” whereby you end up with a day that seems fun on paper, but doesn’t reflect anything of who you are as a couple.

Be yourself. Everyone is there because they love the you that you are. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be there. So, embrace your you and be freeeeeeeeeeeee. (starts playing “simply the best” by Tina Turner before high fiving people on the way out.)

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Planning a wedding?

 It’s all a little overwhelming isn’t it?

We’ve been there. If you want a little help or some ideas from people that go to weddings… a lot, then we can help. We’ve sat down and written loads more wedding planning advice for you here

If you’re planning an amazing wedding, you’re probably going to want an amazing wedding film as well. Something that showcases all of the hard work that you’re putting in.

It just so happens that we specialize in amazing wedding films! Invite us along and we’ll make you a unique film that honestly captures something of you and the day that you had.

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