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Jan 4, 2016 | personal

It’s not often that I post a personal video, but for once it feels somewhat fitting.

Rebecca and I have been together for just under two years. She’s wonderful. She’s fun, kind, understanding, caring and above all she lets me be me without ever trying to change me, despite our often obvious differences (she’s Vegetarian). When you’ve been together a long time you start to subconsciously plan for the future together. I realised that whenever I now made plans, even if they were years in advance, she was factored into them. It was when I realised this that I decided I was ready to take the leap and ask the big question.

So we had a rather interesting Christmas. Amongst all of the usual worries over presents, food, parties and getting as much work done as possible so that I could take a break, I decided to add to all of that by getting engaged. Not one to do anything by half, I decided that perhaps I ought to try to do it a little differently and use whatever skills I had at my disposal. So I set about writing a book and presenting it in an unusual way, as well as getting my Aunt to do some illustrations.

I started planning in November. I asked permission from her parents and set about finding out Rebecca’s ring size. The ring was a massive stumbling block, for Rebecca would neither tell me her size (as she didn’t know it), nor what style she liked. In the end I settled for a £2 ring from Miss Selfridge with an intention to buy her a proper one as soon as she said yes. Next I sat down and wrote the tale of our relationship. I do a lot of work with children so writing it as a children’s story seemed the most obvious choice. It helped to have an artist in the family as well: my Aunt was more than happy to play a part in my labour of love. Then it was a case of recording myself on Green Screen and adding myself into Rebecca’s favourite film.

Every year we have a “Christmas Day” where we go and do all manner of Christmas things, as its our favourite time of the year. It was to be day of Christmas cheer rounded off by an evening watching Rebecca’s favourite film… So the stage was set, and the props were in position… and naturally I filmed the whole thing…

So, there it is. I’m now in your shoes. Planning a wedding. The only question I have though is… Who’s going to film MY wedding?


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