Middleton Lodge wedding video – Khairan and Nathaniel

Jul 25, 2016 | summer wedding, wedding video, Yorkshire wedding

A Middleton lodge wedding video

Khairan and Nathaniel had a beautiful Middleton lodge wedding in late June.

I have so much to say about this wedding that I don’t think I have the time and space to write it all. I think it can quite easily be summed up in one word… Awesome.

I spoke to Khairan and Nathaniel on the phone a few months ago whilst they were casually walking their dog in LA (as you do). The phone call was meant to be a quick “hi, tell me about your wedding” kind of call but we got talking and the call lasted nearly an hour. When I eventually put the phone down I realised that I’d never been so excited to film a wedding based off of one phone call. Considering both of these guys are living a hectic LA lifestyle they were so down to earth, friendly and chilled out about everything.
This totally shone through when we met on the wedding day. Both Khairan and Nathaniel seemed so at ease the whole day. Nathaniel started the day with his groomsmen doing a spot of clay pigeon shooting, whilst Khairan and her 10 bridesmaids made their preparations at the coach house. There were no tantrums, no diva strops, no egos, no dramas, no tears (apart from the good kind), just a group of women enjoying celebrating such a special and important day together.

The weather had been warm and sunny all morning but sure enough as we came closer and closer to the ceremony the clouds rolled in and it began to rain. This was going to be a problem as we were all hoping for an outdoor ceremony. But with ten minutes to spare the rain subsided and we are granted a wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony, set in the beautiful surrounds of Middleton Lodge in Yorkshire. The reception and wedding breakfast were also open air (to an extent) with guests being seated in the beautiful covered courtyard of the coach house restaurant.

I have to make a special mention of our portraits session for two reasons. Firstly, because Jade from GASP Photo Co found an incredible dilapidated old building that looked really awesome on camera contrasted with such a young and beautiful couple. Secondly I have to mention it because as patronising as this sounds, Khairan and Nathaniel were so cute together. They were so happy in each other’s arms and so good humoured about everything. One of my favourite moments I caught on camera was where they thought no one was watching and started dancing together without the aid of musical accompaniment. It was so great to see a couple so happy to be in each others company.

So, congratulations to Khairan and Nathaniel. An awesome day for an awesome couple.

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