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Aug 14, 2020 | Newby hall wedding, Yorkshire wedding

Eleanor and Luke’s Creative wedding ideas really shone on their Newby hall wedding day

I’ve attended a few Newby hall weddings over the years. It’s a truly beautiful venue. Newby hall itself is a very well preserved 18th Century country house. It has some awesome gardens and a great view over the Yorkshire countryside. But above all that… it has a miniature railway system that you can ride!

Wedding train fun!

This wonderful form of miniature transportation was a source of great frustration for me. The previous times we’d been to newby hall I’d been unable to get my miniature locomotive fix. This time, we wanted to get the best shots of the train and also shoot some footage of the guests taking a guided tour of the house (a brilliant and creative way to entertain the guests). I was forced to make the unconscionable decision to send my associate shooter Myles to ride the train… not me. The beauty of having an associate shooter on the wedding day is that you can split up and do this sort of thing. We got all the footage we needed… but once again I was unable to ride the train. This would of course put anyone in a bad mood for the rest of the day. However, I was having so much fun filming Eleanor and Luke’s wedding day that my rage soon subsided and I realised that It really didn’t matter*.

Planning the perfect newby hall wedding

The fun started a year previously when I had a Skype conversation with the pair of them. A year in advance they already had a very clear picture of how their newby hall wedding day was going to run. They had so many fun and creative ideas. So many personal touches. In all honesty, there was so much effort going into planning their Perfect Newby hall wedding day that I was a little nervous I wouldn’t do it justice. Every so often Eleanor would tag me in something on Instagram (cheeky plug) and raise the hype levels another notch. Was there any way this wedding could live up to expectations?… oh boy. Yes

Awesome creative wedding ideas

Right from meeting Eleanor on the morning of the wedding I could tell this was going to be something special. Nearly every part of the wedding day from morning to the night had their artistic flair and identity stamped all over it. Eleanor and Luke’s creativity really shone through.

There were hand made bridesmaids dresses, a bride crafted tiara, home-made bouquets and a dress designed by the bride. That was just at the bride’s house. Over at the Groom’s place, Luke was busy showing off the waistcoat that Eleanor had made for him with permission from the Tate gallery. The Tate gallery do NOT hold some hitherto unknown patent on all waistcoats, so don’t worry. This waistcoat was special. It featured a depiction of William Powell Frith’s Derby day. Luke’s favourite painter and painting. It also just so happened that Frith’s final resting place was near to the church that Eleanor and Luke were getting married in. Near enough for Luke and his groomsmen to pay a quick visit to for a cheeky toast before the big event.

A newby hall wedding sunset masterpiece

The rest of the day continued to show off Eleanor and Luke’s dedication to art. With hand made and personal touches throughout. The Marquee was decorated by Eleanor and Luke and had been chosen specially to show off Newby hall’s unique views over the Yorkshire landscape whilst they ate their incredible meal catered by the hog and apple. The views through the transparent structure became even more special when the sun broke through and treated us to an incredible masterpiece of its own.

I had been watching the sky for a little while and as soon as I saw this happening I ran over to the happy couple and made the suggestion that they might want to come outside for five minutes. They didn’t take much persuading and as you can see from the wedding video, we got some awesome sunset shots. So worth it. By the time we said our goodbyes I knew the we had enough to create something special. Or rather, Eleanor and Luke had created something truly special at Newby hall. I was just excited to show it to the world.

*This is of course a lie. It did matter. I just found other things to occupy myself with. The pain is still there. Buried. Deep down.

Floristry by Secret garden Ripon
Marquee supplied by marquee events UK
Cake by Realitea Ripon
Band the wildcards
wedding dress made by Elena Ferrara bridal boutique
Photography by Aga King

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