Nunsmere Hall Asian Wedding

Jun 16, 2020 | Asian wedding, Cheshire wedding video, Nunsmere Hall wedding

Nimisha and Aujas chose Nunsmere hall in Cheshire to be the venue for their glorious Asian wedding in August.

I’ve come to film a lot of nunsmere hall wedding videos recently. The boutique hotel sits in a hidden corner of Cheshire almost completely surrounded by water and lush green woodland. Nunsmere hall weddings always make use of this beautiful Cheshire setting… but not to the extent that Nimisha and Aujas’s Asian wedding did.

A Beautiful outdoor Asian wedding.

Nimisha and Aujas mentioned fairly early on in the process that they wanted their Asian wedding ceremony to take place outside. This always sounds great on paper. However, when you factor in Britain’s somewhat temperamental climate, the words “outdoor Asian wedding” fill the heart with fear. You know it’s going to be awesome with vibrant colours and excited people. But You also know that the moment the bride walks out, the heavens will open and do their best to dampen the mood. I’d been watching the weather all week and it didn’t look promising, even on the morning things were looking grim. But contrary to expectations, as soon as Nimisha walked out, it was like the clouds parted for her and we were suddenly reaching for the factor 50. The outdoor wedding ceremony was absolutely the correct decision.

The most gorgeous outdoor mandap ever.

Throughout the whole day, everything looked amazing. From the multi-coloured garbs of the guests to the natural splendour of Nunsmere hall, but the true heroes of horticulture have to be singled out. Spring bank florists did an incredible job decorating the venue. They turned a boring marquee into something akin to a work of art for the evening revelry. However, it was the Mandap in the morning that really shone. Drawing inspiration from the wonderful gardens of Nunsmere hall, it was a beautiful sculpture of greenery, flowers and more traditional Asian wedding elements. All combined to create one the most beautiful Mandaps I’ve ever seen. Splashes of blue, orange and purple set amongst a sea of green. It perfectly complemented the beautiful ceremony led by Chanda Vyas

Fun Asian weddings.

 All of this though, came together because of two brilliant people. When I first met Nimisha and Aujas I knew they were going to be a fun couple to work with. Neil Redfern (their brilliant photographer) put them in touch with me as he’d photographed their civil wedding earlier on in the year and they’d expressed regret at not having had it filmed.

So, we met up in a coffee shop. They cunningly suggested a coffee shop that does incredible handmade chocolate creations. That way we could eat chocolate and it could be tax deductible. They told me all about their wedding and it obvious to see how excited they were about it and how much they were looking forward to having some fun on the day. They were also really keen on having the day documented as comprehensively as possible. That meant full feature and highlights wedding videos, raw footage, extended coverage, and an associate shooter… Aujas twisted my arm and persuaded me to hire a drone operator too. It’s not something I do very often unless I really think the couple will really benefit from it being in their films. I’m really glad he did though as their wedding really did warrant it especially to get some of the shots of Aujas arriving by horse!

On the day, Nimisha and Aujas were so relaxed having us round that we got loads of lovely intimate moments as they were getting ready. There were lots of opportunities for us to capture some wonderful candid moments throughout the rest of the day too.

During the couples portrait shoot; Neil and I found them to be just the easiest couple to work with. They were both so happy, relaxed and natural that all we had to do was point and shoot. We had some concern though, that Aujas might be enjoying the shoot a little too much and had we asked him, he might have stayed with us until the end of the day.

Nunsmere hall rocked by Asian wedding party.

We’re glad Nimisha eventually persuaded Aujas that they had enough photos, otherwise they might have missed the party. That would be a crime. Because Asian wedding parties are THE BEST! White middle-class Brits take note; THIS is how you party. Hipswing absolutely knocked it out of the park playing banger after banger* and keeping the dancefloor full and moving. Everyone crowded the dancefloor and a true atmosphere of celebration could be felt throughout. Spirits were high with the bride and groom lifted even higher (literally, on shoulders)

So many awesome memories that we managed to capture on film forever. I sincerely hope that this is the first of many Nunsmere hall Asian wedding videos that I get to create.

P.S. I totally forgot to to mention how good the food was courtesy of Coriander. Serving up a storm for both lunch and dinner. We ate like Kings

*I assume they were bangers. The dance floor was packed but my knowledge of Indian pop hits leaves something to be desired.

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