Rustic Marquee wedding video – Louise & Oliver

Aug 26, 2016 | summer wedding, wedding video

A Rustic Marquee wedding video

Louise and Oliver had a beautiful Rustic Marquee wedding in a relatives (sizable) back garden in Cheshire in mid July.

Oh, so much to say about this wedding.

In our correspondence before the wedding Louise mentioned that they were having a marquee in her dad’s back garden. It’s impossible to google someone’s back garden so I had no idea what to expect. When I arrived I have to say I panicked a little. It looked so awesome and there were so many little well thought out details that I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to cover it all or make it look as good on film as it did in real life. It didn’t help that it had been raining all day so the ground was sodden and getting shots from outside meant getting wet. But I needn’t have worried. Not long after we arrived the sun poked its head through the clouds to see what was going on and liked it so much that it decided to stay. So I ended up with some really awesome shots of the marquee and its inhabitants whilst remaining dry. Plus Oliver had a drone, which in the sunshine got us some really lovely shots of the venue. I’m not licenced to use drones on a wedding shoot hence why I don’t use them (it’s a lot of money just for one or two shots) but if the groom wants to use his drone to capture some shots on the wedding day then I have no problem in using them 🙂

As brilliant as the venue was and as hard as it tried, it can’t really upstage the bride and groom themselves.
Oliver was in a bright and cheerful mood when I arrived and there were absolutely no signs of any nerves. It probably helped that he had a really good group of groomsmen with him that kept the banter going all the way through the build up towards the ceremony. When I then went on to meet Louise, I could tell we were going to get on from the way she accepted that if she was going to play classic 90’s tunes I was going to sing along. There were a few shots where I had to remove the audio due to my singing “wannabe” over the top. Again Louise was a picture of calm, enjoying the few moment of quiet before she put on her dress and relaxing into the day.
It can be hard to get a snapshot of a couple’s entire relationship in the space of a day, but watching these two together and listening to Oliver speak about his new wife it was easy to see what makes them work: their drive and determination as a couple but also their sense of fun and their willingness not to take themselves too seriously. I’m lucky that I get to meet so many great couples like these two and I wish them all the best in the future.

Something this day marked as well for me was that it was the first time I’ve gotten to work with Jonny Draper, a photographer that I’ve heard a lot about and admired his work for a while… and he didn’t disappoint 🙂

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