Saddleworth Hotel wedding video – Theresa & Mike

Jun 21, 2016 | summer wedding, wedding video

A Saddleworth hotel wedding video

Theresa and Mike had a really fun Saddleworth hotel wedding at the end of May.

In my position I get to see a lot of different cultures and styles of wedding. But there’s something to be said for some of the Chinese traditions I got to witness at Theresa and Mike’s wedding. Theresa and Mike had gone for a modern sort of wedding day, but paying homage to their cultural roots with plenty of Chinese traditions and influences put into the mix as well.

Firstly , I’ve got to mention the games. Oh the games. In order for Mike to see his bride for the first time on his wedding day he was required by the bridesmaids to pass a series of challenges in the hopes of bargaining with them for his wife. These challenges ranged from wearing women’s underwear, to drinking an assortment of evil shots and playing at least one round of pass the seaweed with his groomsmen (a simple enough sounding game until you find out that you have to pass it with your lips and seaweed gets sticky when wet). It’s my personal opinion that these games are designed to test whether the bride still wants to get married after seeing her groom look like a fool. Luckily though Mike is an incredibly good humoured and confident guy, so he was quite happy to accept all of these challenges and somehow managed to look quite dignified whilst wearing a bright pink set of knickers. It probably helped that he knew that his bride was at the end of it all. I think you’ll agree that she was worth the humiliation. I believe Mike’s words were “wow, you look really hot” when he saw her for the first time. saddleworth hotel wedding video

The other awesome tradition on the day was the tea ceremony. This is something that I’m very surprised hasn’t been adopted into British culture given our obsession with cups of leaves and hot water. The Bride and groom serve both of their families cups of tea whilst receiving wedding gifts. Your wedding day goes so fast so doing this meant that Theresa and Mike got the opportunity to have a few moments with nearly all of their family members… kinda like a receiving line but with more tea.

But as I said, the day wasn’t all ceremony and tradition. Theresa and Mike had picked the Saddleworth Hotel set in the beautiful scenery of the peak district. The staff there did a wonderful job, keeping us running on time and making us and Pete and Sara from Pixies in the Cellar (check out their photos if you get a chance, truly stunning) feel really taken care of.

The setting was gorgeous, the venue beautifully decorated, the guests up for fun and the couple were lovely. I’m glad I got to be there.

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