Silent disco wedding

Sep 18, 2020 | Guardswell farm wedding, scottish wedding

Paula and Kyle had a silent disco wedding party against the backdrop of the wonderful Scottish landscapes at Guardswell farm

Paula and Kyle had already picked out Guardswell farm as the location for their wedding day. I’d had an incredible time there the previous year at Claire and Addison’s wedding. I was already on board because I love Guardswell farm so much. I honestly didn’t think though, that my previous experience there could be topped.. But then Paula mentioned in passing something that I wasn’t expecting. “The evening’s entertainment will take the form of a silent disco”. I spluttered my coffee and choked on my custard cream (in future I won’t try to ingest them at the same time). A silent disco wedding was unheard of to me. Silent Discos have been around for a while… But at a wedding?! Would this work? Could this work?

A gorgeous Guardswell farm wedding

The day came and we were treated to a lovely clear sky. Well… clear enough to see Perth in the distance across the valley but cloudy enough for me to get a few great time lapses of the dramatic surroundings.
Paula was super chilled in the farmhouse (When she wasn’t trying to stop the family dog investigating my camera bag) relaxing into the day with her family and bridesmaids around her. Guardswell farm’s wedding ceremony and reception space had already had its incredibly tasteful Autumn wedding makeover, so there was very little for her or the wedding party to be doing beyond relaxing and enjoying the day. Which is the way it should be.

Kyle was so chilled that when I text Tom (my associate shooter) to see how they were getting on he told me he’d gone for coffee. I thought that this was a massive breach of professional conduct, to wander off mid shoot… without offering to get me so much as a croissant. But before I could fire him, he explained that the guys had all gone to a café to hang out before getting ready.

A super fun wedding couple

Paula and Kyle were like this all day. Super chilled and down to Earth. Crucially they were fun to be around and didn’t take things too seriously. Tom, Michele (their awesome photographer) and I had an absolute blast all day. Portrait sessions were great fun as we went and hung out with the local donkeys and hid out in the woods whilst dancing around smoke bombs.
We were having so much fun that a concern started to creep into my head. Maybe we were having too much fun and weren’t shooting enough.

This fear was unfounded. When I logged the footage the following day, we’d somehow between us shot five hours’ worth of footage on top of the ceremony and speeches. Paula and Kyle had asked for the raw footage as well (which I heartily recommend) so they were certainly getting their money’s worth.

Silent Disco at Guardswell farm

You didn’t come here to hear me talk about raw footage though. You came because you wanted to hear about why silent discos weddings are the best thing ever. I was super excited by the concept but I want sure how it would go down. These things can be really awkward if people don’t get into it.

But people got into it. Straight away. It started with just a couple of people, but word started to spread around the hall in the post dinner lull that something interesting was happening. Soon the whole room was heaving with people wearing flashy headgear and dancing across the room to different beats. Even granny was getting into it. In fact, it was such a success that there weren’t quite enough headphones for everyone. I put a pair on early but relinquished them in a matter of minutes as the room filled. Paula and Kyle were also really getting into it, busting out all the moves to the YMCA and singing at the top of their lungs.

Sex Bomb!

The best part of the silent disco wedding party was that moment during sex bomb that you realised no one actually knew the words. When the chorus came there was a choir of voices singing “SEX BOMB, SEX BOMB, YOU’RE MY SEX BOMB” followed by “nu nan uh nah nuh nuh naa” as everyone realised, they only knew the one line. But then as soon as that line came again there was the almighty cacophony of voices singing as if they’d been singing all along.

The best silent disco wedding I’ve been to

Obviously, it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to with a silent disco. But there were so many other elements from this day that made it truly special. The catering was spot on thanks to Bespoke catering especially the gorgeous little hot chocolate station in the evening. The venue looked incredible thanks to efforts from Amy Annand (florist) Little White Cow (Props) Just Vintage Hire (Props) and a mural by Catherine Connacher (Artist). Paula already stunning looks were enhanced to perfection by Get It Glam (Hair) and Beauchella (Make Up). Plus music was provided by Cairn String Quartet and the band; Franco in the evening (yes there was a silent disco and a band)

To be honest though, if you really want to experience the day, watch the film. My words can’t do it justice…

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