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Unique wedding videos for Unique people.

You are one-of-a-kind. Naturally your wedding video should be one-of-a-kind too.

We are Red Seats; We are Rebecca and Jon (and Jacob, but he’s a little young to pick up a camera just yet). We are a Manchester Wedding video studio. We love people. We love weddings.
We craft wedding videos that honestly retell the story of your day with a light-hearted touch (and none of the cheesiness). Hopefully we’ll pick up some of your uniqueness along the way.

Although we are Manchester and Northwest based, we travel all over the country and beyond to meet awesome couples getting married.

Your wedding day has been months… possibly years in the making. We want to help you capture all you hard work on video forever, in a way that truly reflects you and your day.

Telling your stories in a lively wedding video

Our approach is a bit different to what you might expect from a regular wedding video. No large cameras, no big setups. No cheese. Our aim isn’t just to document the day or give you a bunch of pretty shots. We craft all that we capture into stories that catch a bit of your personality. We want to perfectly showcase how your wedding day was unique.

Our aim with every wedding video is to show who, why and how.

Who you are, why you’re getting married… and how it happened:
How your maid of honour tore up the dance-floor… how your best man went wild with a smoke bomb… how dad cried seeing the dress… how mum cried during the vows… and how you all cried when granny got drunk and heckled the speeches. These are the stories we want to capture.

Yes… that sounds a bit pretentious but it’s honestly the easiest way to describe our approach. It’s easier to just show you what we mean. Check out our portfolio by clicking the link below:

“We had the most amazing wedding!

Ever since we woke up that next morning, we just wanted to re-live it. Jon and Rebecca have given us that!”

Dan & Lizzie

Unique and honest wedding videos

We love this job because we get to travel all over (we don’t just stay in Manchester and the Northwest) and hang out with interesting and fun people, on the happiest day of their lives! We love getting to know our couples and finding what makes them unique. No two couples are the same, so no two of our wedding videos are the same.

We make wedding videos that are unique to you. We don’t work to a formula or a cookie-cutter template. We’re not about never-ending sloooooow-moooo shots and endless wonky drone shots. We don’t mass produce wedding videos; we treat every couple as individuals.

Our wedding videos are unique to you and the day you had. Every frame and every sound in your wedding video is chosen for a purpose. Each moment of your wedding video should tell something about the who, the why, or the how.

If you’re fun but chilled, your film will show that. If you’re like a small child on a sugar high with a sentimental streak, then your film will fit that too. Your wedding video should reflect you and the unique day that you had.

“The video Jon made is one of my absolute favourite mementos of our wedding day – and that’s coming from someone who initially didn’t want to have a videographer at all!”

Libby & Liam

Manchester and Northwest wedding Video team

I (this is Jon talking) started out making wedding videos in the northwest about 8 years ago. It was an accident. I fell into it because of a friend… but I fell in love with it because I started making friends.

I love being around couples on their big day, the energy, the excitement… the banter. I’ll frequently get caught up in it, I’ll sing along to Britney whilst you’re having your hair done, I’ll talk to sheep whilst I’m getting scenery shots and I’ll grin like a Cheshire cat when you walk down the aisle. Weddings are awesome and the energy is infectious.

Rebecca caught it too. She resisted it at first. We’d been married a whole year before she asked me to teach her, but she was a natural. Once Rebecca had enjoyed her first taste, helping me make a wedding video in Manchester, she was straight into my Google Calendar checking what dates she was available to shoot. We now travel Manchester, the Northwest and beyond looking for awesome weddings to document. Like a dynamic camera wielding duo (like Batman and Robin but fewer pairs of tights)

We both love connecting with people. For us, the joy in making wedding video comes from finding what makes a couple tick and capturing that on film.

Manchester wedding videographer Jon and Rebecca meet Santa

This is us at our wedding. Yes Santa was on the guest list. Photo by Neil Redfern.

We loved Jon’s company on the day and how passionate he is in making something so important. We will always love watching this,
we cannot thank Jon enough! X

Theresa & Mike

Authentic Documentary wedding video

Our style is hands-off and relaxed. It’s your wedding day! We want you to have the best day of your life! We want you to feel comfortable so we put great effort into forming a positive relationship with all of our couples. From offering help and suggestions in the run up to your wedding, to giving lifts to bridesmaids on the day (it happens more often than you’d think) we want you to feel like you got an extra couple of people on “Team Bride” and “Team Groom”. It’s our aim that eventually you won’t even notice the camera, you’ll just see us.

We try out hardest to blend in with the crowd. We’ll be working to capture all of those beautiful moments in the most artistic way possible. But we’ll be chatting to your nan and joking with your old Uni friends whilst we do it.

A lot of the time you and your guests won’t even notice we’re filming… like smartly dressed ninjas…with cameras.

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