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WEdding Planning tips

Wedding planning can be hard but these little guides might help.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re here because you’re doing a spot of wedding planning. Maybe you’re at the beginning of the process of planning your wedding or perhaps your big day is imminent. Regardless, we want to help where we can.

Wedding planning can be fun, confusing, frustrating and eye opening (“giant light-up letters cost how much!?”). But It’s also a great experience for you and your partner.  You’ll find out a lot about each other and hopefully have some fun along the way.

our wedding planning tips are different

Rebecca and I got married in late 2016. It was the only wedding we’d ever planned. So whilst we both agree that we planned objectively the most awesome wedding in the history of awesome weddings… we’re not wedding planners. We’re not experts on wedding planning.

We are however, experts on weddings. There are countless blogs and magazines out there telling you how to put your wedding together. But how many of those authors actually attend twenty to thirty weddings a year? We’ve been privileged enough to attend hundreds of weddings. We’ve got a unique perspective on wedding planning that we thought we should share with you. Our wedding planning tips come from our experience of the big day itself. We see what works and what doesn’t and hopefully that will be helpful to you when you plan your wedding day…

Plan your wedding

Hopefully, some of these ideas and tips will help you out. Some ideas will make you say “ooh, we hadn’t thought about that”, some of these tips may make you say “You’ve got that dead wrong sir”. Some of these wedding planning tips may even make you turn around and tell your partner that “These are obviously very charming and good looking people with a vast amount of skill who we should definitely hire to produce an amazing wedding film for us”. Obviously that’s very flattering but these pages are just here to help, not sell you something.*

scroll down for our wedding planning guides

*Though if you do want an amazing wedding film you can probably twist our arm by clicking here

our wedding planning guides:

top ten wedding mistakes title card
Top ten wedding mistakes
have a fun wedding bridesmaid having fun
How to have a fun wedding
Write an awesome groom speech title card
How to write an awesome groom speech
top ten wedding mistakes title card
How to write an original father of the bride speech
picture of best man delivering speech
How to write the best best man speech
do i need a wedding video article title
DO I Need a wedding video?
top ten wedding mistakes title card
can i afford a wedding video?
More coming soon…
Watch this space…
Shameless sales pitch

If you’re planning an amazing wedding, you’re probably going to want an amazing wedding film as well. Something that showcases all of the hard work that you’re putting in.

It just so happens that we specialise in amazing wedding films! Invite us along and we’ll make you a unique film that honestly captures something of you and the day that you had.

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