The mill barns wedding video

Feb 21, 2022 | Shropshire wedding

A gorgeous rustic style wedding video at The mill barns, shropshire

Shrophire is a beautiful place. I’m reminded of it every time that I’m asked to film a wedding there. The rolling hills, the historic working towns, the rivers and valleys. It’s a lovely part of the West Midlands… Well, lets be honest It’s a huge chunk of the West Midlands. It’s no surprise then that there are more and more couples coming from all over the country to get married in Shropshire. Jen and Ed being two of them.
I’d been looking forward to to making a “the mill barns” wedding video for a while. I had seen images of this wedding venue previously and was a eager to see it for myself and put my own stamp on the place… in a manner of speaking

Whats so good about the mill barns wedding venue?

The Mill barns are situated on the very south eastern tip of Shropshire. Built on top of (or next to, it’s quite hard to work out) a small tributary that feeds into the River Severn. As such, water is a key part of the buildings appeal. The aquatic features of the locale have incorporated so brilliantly into the modern style rustic barn that it’s hard to work out where the water ends and the barn begins in some places.

The Mill barns is a very modern style purpose built venue that works perfectly for weddings. The barns it’s central hub is spacious and pretty. The covered balconies look out over the pond and gardens and are perfect for outdoor mingling. Then there are the two huuuuuuge “barns” that Jen and Ed used. One for the ceremony and one for the reception, both connected to the central hub. A setup like this means that you don’t need to worry about turning the room around from the ceremony into the reception. On top of this (or should I say below?) there is a lower level housing a myriad of guest bedrooms ,dressing rooms and other facilities. Whoever designed The Mill barns really thought hard about what a bride a groom might want from their wedding day. It’s a beautiful and incredibly practical venue too. It’s great for photographers and videographers too as there’s loads of natural light upstairs. Ideal if you’re making your first “The mill barns” wedding video.

a beautiful wedding venue, a beautiful couple

So, a beautiful wedding venue like the mill barns would be completely pointless without a beautiful couple to spend the “best day of their life” there.

I vaguely knew Jen already as she worked with a whole bunch of people that I used to work with. I’d heard a fair bit about her. But we’d never met. On the wedding day though, you’d never of known. Jen has this amazing ability of making you feel like you’ve been mates for like… forever. Our relationship prior to the day had been through emails phone calls and a zoom call. But within minutes of meeting in person she was being genuine, honest and bantering like you would in the pub on a Friday night.

Then there’s Ed. As a pretty average guy myself, it’s always a little annoying to meet a good looking guy like Ed and find that he’s not a complete idiot. You always secretly suspect that those blessed with great hair and sparkling eyes are horrible people. But not so with Ed. Strong handshake and a wide grin was how I was greeted. Ed was so chilled out throughout the day. Was super easy to work with during portraits and smiled through the absolute roasting he got from his best man during the speeches.

Jen & Ed were a lovely couple to spend time with. That’s something that I think really comes through in their wedding video too. You just had to look at the guestlist to see that there was something about them that people warm to. They had a lot of friends. There’s usually a mix of friends and family at weddings. However, it’s not often that you notice quite how many of a couples peers have made the effort to celebrate the wedding day with them. The whole ceremony room was packed with well-wishers, balcony included and as I mentioned before… it’s a huge room

Rustic chic at the mill barns

We can’t really talk about this wedding day without mentioning how amazing the mill barns looked. Jen and Ed had hired the Rustic wedding company to style and beautify the mill barns. They felt like a perfect fit. The decorations fit so seamlessly that you almost forgot that they’d been put up especially. I loved the greenery of the archway framing the couple as they said their vows. The simple greenery backdrop of the top table looked so effective next to all of the subtle foliage and decorations placed throughout the barn. It made shooting a “the mill barns” wedding video just that little bit easier as pretty much everywhere I turned the camera was a lovely backdrop.

Party at the mill barns

The Lovely Charlotte Jopling (Jen & Ed’s photographer) and I had unknowingly been staying at the same hotel the night before. We met at breakfast and chatted a bit about the day. One of the things we were both really looking forward to was the evening celebrations. We Knew that Apollo Gold had a reputation for getting the party going. When you go to a lot of weddings you learn to appreciate a band that hit every note with perfect pitch and timing. Apollo Gold are just that. On top of this there was the fact that, for obvious reasons… partying had been banned for the last 18 months. So we were really looking forward to seeing what the dancefloor was going to be like.

We were not disappointed. Apollo Gold absolutely nailed it with floor-filler after floor-filler rocking the mill barns. Charlotte and I were running/dancing around like crazy people trying to capture all of the guests busting their pent-up moves on the dance floor. For the entirety of the bands first set, I don’t recall any let up in the people on the dance floor. That’s absolutely the way it should be when you’re celebrating two people coming together like this.

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