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Mar 16, 2022 | Thirsk lodge barns, Yorkshire wedding, Yorkshire wedding video

A beautiful wedding video at The brand new thirsk lodge barns wedding venue, yorkshire

I love Yorkshire. I travel there very regularly. There are loads of great venues. There’s beautiful scenery. There’s friendly people, there’s cake… at Betty’s tea rooms. Yorkshire is also massive. When you’re getting married in Yorkshire, you’ve got a lot of scenery to choose from. Becca & Ed chose a brand new wedding venue. Thirsk Lodge Barns. in fact, Thirsk lodge barns is so brand spanking new that the brial room was only completed two days before Becca & Ed’s big day. So, this may be the very first ever Thirsk lodge barns wedding video…

Why would you want to get married at a wedding venue like thirsk lodge barns?

Thirsk lodge barns works perfectly as a wedding venue. It’s got loads of space inside and out. There is the main barn for your ceremony and evening entertainments. There’s Thirsk lodge barn’s beautiful courtyard and surrounding fields for making the most of some Yorkshire sunshine. Then there’s the huge bright and open function room for sitting down to your meal. All connected together with some very elegantly decorated and open feeling spaces.

Thirsk lodge barns are a dream for wedding video and photography as well. When putting the plans for the venue together the architects have obviously thought very hard about how to make the most of the natural light. A lot of the time, barns converted into wedding venues can feel very dark and a little claustrophobic. But Thirsk lodge barns feel bright modern and open… even in the main barn itself.

Jo Bradbury (Becca & Ed’s brilliant photographer) and ourselves had a great time playing with all of the lovely opportunities that the light afforded us. We captured some really beautiful shots of the Bride, Groom and their guests in this stunning venue.

The other thing that makes Thirsk lodge barns stand out is the staff. Tom (my associate videographer) and I arrived on the day and were greeted by the owner who showed us the best place to park before introducing us to the team that were running the day. THIS DOESNT HAPPEN! usually the owner of the venue gives you a talking to about how expensive everything and how much you’re going to get sued if you so much as breathe on anything. Throughout the day the staff made us feel like we were a part of their team, bending over backwards to help us with anything we needed. Maybe it’s a new venue thing, maybe they just haven’t been Jaded by 1000+ weddings yet, or maybe they’re just really awesome people.

Suffice it to say, we really want to go back there to make another Thirsk lodge barns wedding video sometime soon.

A gorgeous yorkshire morning at thirsk lodge barns

So, that’s enough of my banging on about Thirsk lodge barns. It’s time to talk about the main attractions. Becca & Ed. When we chatted about the day a couple of weeks before we were trying to work out what the weather would do, it had been a peculiar summer with some searing hot days followed by grim and cold ones. It felt a little bit like roulette… but we were in luck. Driving over the Pennines from Machester we were dodging in and out of cloud cover until we hit Yorkshire… The clouds seemed to have gotten the memo and we were treated to a gorgeous day.

Becca was understandably in high spirits. All the worries that had gone along with the planning of the wedding day had evaporated into the sunny skies and she was clearly excited about the day ahead. It was a very chilled vibe in bridal prep with lots of tea being drunk and toast being made. Although there was a little bit of a commotion when Ed arrived.

Becca hired Ed a Rolls Royce Phantom. A very impressive ride to Thirsk lodge barns. It was an imposing and grand sight to behold as it made it’s way up the barn’s rustic driveway. Everybody poured out of the house excitedly to see it.

Real emotion and Joy

The wedding video itself begins with a visibly nervous Ed waiting for his bride. There’s a reason I started here. Throughout the day, the thing that struck me about Ed was that he’s a proper blokey bloke. He’s Loud, confident and fun. However he isn’t afraid of his emotions. A lot of men for whatever reason, seem detached from their feelings or even ashamed of them even on their wedding day. Over the course of the day Ed was open and honest about his feelings. If he was emotional, he let a tear escape, if he was happy, he bellowed with laughter. It was refreshing to see a groom so honest and uncompromising about how he felt.

So when Becca walked down that aisle (looking stunning in her feather effect Georgia bridal dress from Lulu Browns) you knew that Ed was genuinely feeling something. So that’s where the film starts. Over the course of the day though there was a real sense of joy coming from all of the bridal party and their guests. Which culminated in an awesome party in the evening. People really let loose and outworked their joy into some awesome moves on a packed dancefloor.

Oyster bar at a wedding

The first story in the wedding film is the story of how Becca & Ed got together. It’s a story about food. Food has been such a big part of Becca and Ed’s life so it made sense that a large portion of their big day revolved around food.

For the first time ever we saw a wedding Oyster bar. This isn’t something that I’ve ever seen done before. But it went down extremely well with Becca & Ed’s Foodie friends. People were queuing up at the Oyster bar to try out the highly unusual shellfish canapes. It made for some great video footage as well 🙂

Then in the evening there were some awesome pizza creations from homeboy pizza co. With some flavours and styles of pizza that I’d never considered before. Just watching these guys at work really got up the appetite.

This wasn’t just a wedding. It was a Gourmands dream.

Congratulations Becca & Ed

Suppliers that we haven’t mentioned in the blog already:
Flowers by wild floral
Make-up julia jeckell
Hair hair by kerry
String quartet northern_string_quartet

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